We offer a comprehensive range of services and advanced logistics solutions, by all modes of transportation and in all directions.

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We execute all types of orders – from small freight parcels to machinery, storage tanks and other oversize freight.

We also have semi-trailers (refrigerated and isothermal trucks) for food transportation.

We have a modern fleet of vehicles for both national and international freight forwarding, enabling fast freight delivery.

  • Haulage with standard tarpaulin trucks with a load capacity of 24 tons and a volume of 120 m3, and smaller ones with load capacity of 6 tons, 10 tons of various sizes
  • Express break bulk transport in a door-to-door system by means of smaller vehicles with a load volume of up to 3,5 tons
  • Transportation with specialized semi-trailers for heavy load and oversize freight shipping
  • Container transportation to and from sea ports
  • Transportation of dangerous (ADR) goods
  • Transportation with specialized vehicles such as refrigerated, isothermal and covered trucks

All shipments are covered by carrier’s liability insurance, with extra insurance available.

Our specialists provide assistance regarding the form of transportation best suited to your needs. We ensure freight safety, monitoring and control, while keeping our customers informed about the transportation process – from the planning stage to unloading at the destination.

We are in constant touch with the drivers to ensure that delivery times are met. Our expert qualified in delivery chain management is available 24/7 to assist you with any requirements you may have.

We do the work, so you can rest easy.

Comprehensive  service

Whether your hobby is football, tennis, cooking or spending time with your family, you can focus on what is important to you, and let us deal with all matters related to transportation and logistics.

We provide complex logistics services from A to Z in terms of: loading, transportation, forwarding, reporting, shipping process and communication with all parties involved in the shipping process. We also organize extra services in the logistics process, including:

Managing and contacting shippers
and consignees (in many languages)
Loading, unloading
and handling of goods
Storage of goods
Ferry crossings
Extra CARGO insurance
Organisation of unloading equipment
- cranes or hydraulic cranes
Arrangement of import and export
customs clearance

Our services go far beyond transportation arrangement. Problems communicating with the shipper or consignee? Freight mass doesn’t seem right? The cargo is not ready for loading?

Easy, we will do it!

We will find an optimal solution to any problem in the shipping process and manage it for you. You won’t need to worry about anything.

About us

Hi5 is a team of young and enthusiastic professionals with many years of experience and expertise in logistics and transportation management. Provision of advanced logistics solutions is our passion.


We believe in finding customized solutions for our clients, which makes us focus on understanding your needs in the first place, so we can offer various solutions or alternatives. We are open to negotiating prices and scope of work. We will surely work something out for you.

Professionalism and friendly atmosphere

We understand well the needs and requirements of all the parties we collaborate with. Therefore, we do not involve the clients unless it is absolutely necessary. We act autonomously and acquire all the necessary information in the logistics process on our own. In other words, we do not generate problems, but instead focus on solving them.


We apply many innovative solutions to streamline and facilitate the logistics process. It is reflected in our communication and information systems, customer service, a number of partner programmes for contractors, as well as in the wide range of the services we provide. Check us out and see for yourself.

Personalized approach

The Hi5 team is composed of professionals experienced in various industries, which gives us a deeper understanding of the specific challenges of each sector. During the shipping process, our staff is available on a 24/7 basis. Moreover, the same member of staff is assigned for the entire period of cooperation, and tracks the project even well after it is over.


He graduated from Logistics Management and Seaborne Trade at the Gdynia Maritime University. He has occupied independent forwarding and management positions in the transport, shipping and logistics sector since 2013, having previously perfected his skills in the telecommunications sector. Team Building specialist who successfully coaches others in creating effective teams. A huge car and aviation enthusiast. Avid skier and extreme sports lover. Backpacker traveller.

Damian Mosiński


+48 668 868 870

Working in the transport, shipping and logistics sector since 2007. Specializes in route planning and fleet management (tarps, refrigerated trucks and tank trucks). Highly experienced in providing top-quality customer service. In his free time, passionate motorcycle rider and skier.

Łukasz Mikołajczuk


+48 668 868 690

Administration Department

Graduated in economics with a specialization in "Logistics in Business". She has been gaining knowledge in the field of accounting and human resources since 2010. Accurate, conscientious and dedicated to the duties entrusted to her. At home she relaxes with a good book or a bad movie.

Dominika Radońska

Payment and HR Specialist


Graduate of the University of Gdańsk. Certified administrative and office employee. Responsible for her work, systematic and available. Known for her love of tidiness and high personal culture. Interested in programming mobile applications and in her free time she reads crime novels.

Iwona Młodzianowska

Administration Specialist


A graduate of administrative studies. Currently a management student. Conscientiously, accurately and with commitment performs her duties. She devotes her free time to drawing and traveling.

Julia Zabrocka

Junior Invoicer


Graduate of law studies. For many years she has been involved in amicable debt collection and negotiating with clients from the private sector as well as entrepreneurs. At work she is characterized by thoroughness and meticulousness, but also great empathy - she always tries to find a solution that suits both sides. She has gained experience in law firms, real estate and insurance industries, which translates into a comprehensive and individual approach to clients. She spends her free time traveling, cooking and meeting with friends.

Weronika Chojnowska

Collections and Claims Specialist


Logistics Department

In direct customer Service since 2014. Thanks to her organisation skills, gained experience in leading a team and non-confrontational communication, she is able to plan the most demanding tasks. She is very engaged and energetic. Magdalena is capable of finding the right solution for each situation. In private, she is a fan of team sports, especially a volleyball and a rowing.

Magdalena Leśnikowska

Quality Coordinator

+48 668 868 864

She has been gaining experience in the retail industry since 2017. A student of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Demonstrates precision, honesty and empathy in business relations as well as in private life. Always with a smile on her face, she focuses particular attention on an individual approach to the client, which allows her to dynamically create unique solutions. Curiosity and ambition drives her to learn new things and further develop her skills. Privately, she is a lover of cats, fashion, psychological books, crime movies, mountain trips and extreme sports.

Karolina Świst

Project Cargo Specialist


Graduate of Internal and International Logistics at University of Econimics in Poznań, also logistics technician. She has been gaining experience in customer facing constantly since 2015. Additional features are engagement into commitments and conscious approach to work. In private, fascinated with music and fitness.

Emilia Zumbrzycka

Team Leader


Karolina has been involved in customer service since 2013. She is open and communicative to others. The knowledge and experience she gained during staying abroad helped her to polish her qualifications. Currently, she is at the senior year of logistics studies. In free time she extends her knowledge about dietetics.

Karolina Zawadzka

Senior Logistic Specialist


A logistics student with a specialization in Intelligent Transport Systems. Very hardworking, full of ambition, perfectionist. He performs his work with great commitment and accuracy. He is happy to take up new challenges and gain experience. He consistently strives to achieve the goals set by the client. A fan of team and electronic sports. He loves Italian cuisine and crime movies.

Marcin Kortals

Senior Logistic Specialist


He is motivated by high-set goals, and raising the bar only gives him strength to act. He is not afraid of challenges, and thanks to his discipline, he puts satisfaction with completed tasks in the first place. He loves to spend his free time actively and productively. He is interested in martial arts and skiing.

Dominik Małkowski

Senior Logistic Specialist


Logistics graduate with a specialisation in production engineering. He has been gaining experience in the commercial sector since 2018. Due to his wide range of skills, he is able to meet out-of-the-box customer requirements. He is characterised by high commitment to his work, a positive disposition and openness to new challenges. He tries to spend his free time actively, e.g. playing tennis. Privately, a lover of hip-hop music and motorisation.

Daniel Kotala

Senior Logistic Specialist


She graduated with a degree in Transport and Logistics Systems from the Maritime University in Gdynia. She has experience of working with clients in a wide range of industries and on different levels. She takes a conscientious and innovative approach to the challenges she faces. She believes that the basis of success is mutual communication. Privately an animal lover. She tries to spend her free time actively - walking her dog.

Daria Jędrych

Senior Logistic Specialist


A graduate of Gdynia Maritime University, where he earned an engineering degree in Transportation and Logistics, which gives him a deeper understanding of the transportation industry. He is passionate about automobiles and sports. He spent a significant period of his life in Germany, where he worked for several transportation companies, gaining valuable work experience. There he honed his language skills, speaking fluent German. With his international experience and language proficiency, he is ready to work effectively with clients from different backgrounds and cultures.

Alexander Baldauf

Transport assistant


An ambitious graduate of a shipping technical school, currently deepening his knowledge in logistics studies with a specialization in "forwarding". He is constantly striving to achieve his professional goals, gaining practical experience and expanding his horizons in the industry.

Bartosz Rokicki

Transport assistant


Cracow branch

Before joining Hi5, he had been honing his skills in professional customer service for over a decade. Thanks to the experience gained, even the most difficult topic becomes a new challenge to be implemented. Thorough and committed. The ability to think logically and act under time pressure and at the same time guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction is the best description of his person. Passionate about Polish music and electronic sports. A supporter of the G2 esport team.

Paweł Mazurkiewicz

Team Leader


She graduated from a logistics school and has been strongly involved in the TSL industry since her school days. She has gained experience as a freight forwarder in various environments, so she is not afraid of change and is open to new challenges. Through working with constant availability, as well as the number of cases she has solved, she has acquired the ability to react appropriately to random situations.

Aleksandra Pytel

Senior Logistic Specialist


Associated with sport all her life - gold medallist at the Polish Women's Team Sword Championships and long-time representative of Poland at the World Cups. Professionally, she has been gaining experience in professional customer service for over a decade. Privately, a persistent seeker of new flavours, a collector of board games and hand-painted figurines.

Aleksandra Czop

Senior Logistic Specialist


He has been acquiring knowledge in logistics and transportation since 2015. Open to taking on new challenges. He finds himself well at work where there is time pressure. In order to relax, he takes up long-distance running.

Artur Szpilka

Logistic Specialist


Graduate of Cracow universities in the fields of Management and Production Engineering and Logistics. She has experience in sales and customer service since 2018. She is ambitious and likes to learn new things. Privately, she is a collector of houseplants.

Monika Wilk

Logistic Specialist


Kamila Mirlak

Transport assistant


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